Tricks that can help you win games for your team

Baseball is not only a game that requires powerful hitting but it also requires intelligence to understand the pitch. Some of the tips and tricks that can help you in winning games with ease are:

Position of the glove: You should try and place your glove in a perpendicular position instead of keeping it in a parallel position. Put your glove hand forward and push the heel of the wrist towards the baseball. It will allow you to use the glove hand effectively and this also helps in grabbing the ball properly. There are times when the ball takes some tricky bounces, if you position your glove hand properly then you can get rid of these small issues on the field.

Using the feet effectively: If you observe good fielders closely, then you’ll understand that it is their feet movement that helps them grab the ball properly. Footwork is one of the most essential aspects of fielding. The better your footwork the easier it is to catch the ball. You can move smoothly and place your glove at the right area. Once you take a wrong step your body becomes stiff and you will miss out on the ball.

A good defensive drill: This is more important for the infielders. A good drill depends on your feet and hand movement. If the field ball has been hit then it is important that you just move your feet and keep your hands still. If you get good at the drill then you can expect to be one of the best at in-fielding.

Attacking and staying balanced: It is important to have a strong attack and keep a balance. The balance is important both physically and mentally. Aggressive approach towards the ball helps the fielder dictate terms and not miss out on the ball.

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